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To add in your Sage SKU codes to eBay you must be using Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro Selling Manager is a free upgrade to your account from eBay. You can get Selling Manager from http://pages.ebay.co.uk/selling_manager. If you install Selling Manager, it can take a few hours for eBay to upgrade your account. Once you are in Selling Manager, from the Active Listings page in Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro.

Selling Manager

Select Edit > Edit all Items

Edit Items

Firstly customise the list to show which items do not have a SKU code. To do this, choose Customise and then add the “Custom Label” field (it’s at the bottom of the list) in the list of available columns and click on the right arrow to move it into the columns to display, then use the up-down arrows to move it to the top of the list.

Your listing will then look something like this:-

Ebay Listing

To edit the item SKU, you need to tick the checkbox next to the item and choose Edit > Custom Label from the drop down list - you will then see the following screen.

Edit Item

Add your SKU to the Custom Label field and click Save and Close & repeat this for each for the items until you are finished.

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