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This task accepts a text file and converts it to an an XML file, using a class written in C#. This task supports converting flat data, if the file you need to convert contains hierarchical data (such as orders and their associated item lines), use the Master Detail Converter instead.


Convert Class

The class written in the C# programming language to use to parse the input file, see below for an example. Attributes are used to define how each field in the class is parsed from the input file. See here for a full list of the available attributes. See here for a full list of the built in data conversions that can be used with the FieldConverter attribute.

Error File

The file to output any records to which did not convert successfully.

Input File

The text file to be converted to XML.

Output File

The output XML file.

Zynk Settings

See Common Task Settings


To introduce the usage of File Helpers within Zynk we have based our tutorial on the data from the File Helpers website.

Easy Example - simple example of reading in a pipe delimited file

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