Zynk Workflow Documentation

The following settings are common across all tasks in Zynk.


Break on Failure

If set to True the workflow will stop running if the task does not end successfully, otherwise the workflow will continue.


Set to True to run this task when the workflow is executed, otherwise it will be skipped. If a container task is not enabled none of the child tasks will be ran.

Last Ran

The date the task was last ran.

Last Result

The end result of when the task was last ran.

On Failure Task

An optional task to run if the task is unable to complete successfully.

Task Name

The name of the task within the workflow, it can be helpful if you have more than one of the same task.

Task Type

Read Only
The type code of the task, this cannot be modified.

Unique ID

Read Only
The unique identifier of the task, this cannot be modified.

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