Zynk Workflow Documentation

All of the tasks in the Sage 50 UK connector require a connection to a Sage 50 company, so you will need to create a connection with the type ‘Sage 50 UK’. See Managing Connections for instructions on creating a new connection. You will see a screen like the one below, requesting your Sage 50 details:

Sage 50 UK Connection

Enter your Sage 50 details as described below, then click ‘Finish’ to create the connection.

Please note for Sage 50 v25 (2019) you must select the “Use manual data path” and enter the location of your data manually.



Select the company to connect to from the drop down list. If the company you want to connect to is not listed, enable the ‘Use Manual Data Path’ option (see below).

Use Manual Data Path

Enable this option to enter the Sage company data path manually. Copy and paste the data directory shown in Sage under Help > About into the box below.


Enter the username to use to log in to the Sage company. We recommend that a separate user is created for Zynk, to ensure that the user is not already logged in when Zynk tries to connect.


Enter the password to use to log in to the Sage company. If there is no password, leave this field blank.

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