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This article will detail the process that will you need to go through in order to import data from a CSV file in to your Sage package. Note, this article is valid for both Sage 200 and Sage 50 integrations however you will need to use different Import and Export tasks depending on which version of Sage you are integrating with. For more detailed information please see the CSV section.

What you will not find in this article is how to generate/retrieve the CSV file you are using. This part of the process will solely depend on how your CSV files are generated, whether they are downloaded from a website or imported in to a location on the network on an automated basis, essentially Zynk will be able to work around how the CSV file is generated.

Converting CSV to XML

This part of the process will take your CSV file and turn it in to XML file based on your configuration at the Task Settings level.

XSLT Transform

You can use an XSL file to transform the XML document generated by the CSV to XML task as it may not be in the format that Sage requires.

Importing Invoices into Sage 50 UK

This task will actually import your Invoices in to Sage and create them based on the settings you have configured on the task.

Archive Workflow Data

This part of the process will archive any data used in the workflow for future reference.

You can find sample files for this integration on our GitHub site.

These are sample files and may not fit the format of your CSV files, you can use these as a point of reference to see how Zynk will work and then create your own integration around the sample CSV and XSLT files provided by ourselves.

If you have any queries on any of the above, feel free to contact our support team via email at [email protected] or via telephone on 0191 303 7279. Please note, as stated on the Auto Mapper task we do not support any changes to XSLT.

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