Zynk Workflow Documentation

Current Version

The current version of Zynk can be downloaded from http://zynk.com/download/

Zynk Archives

If you require a particular version of Zynk or are unable to upgrade to 2.0 please contact our support team at support@zynk.com who will be able to provide you with the download link.

Managed Install

Contact your supplier to arrange for them to install or re-install Zynk, and test your workflows run correctly. There is normally a one-off charge for this service.

Self Install

You can download and install Zynk yourself, if you have any problems we can provide telephone or email support to help you troubleshoot any issues. Note we would recommend to run the installer as an Administrator.

  1. After downloading Zynk, run the Setup program. If you have previously have Zynk installed on your PC you may see the dialog below, choose Yes to uninstall the old version and continue.


  1. Click Next to continue with the install.


  1. To continue with the installer you will to choose “I accept the agreement” and click Next


  1. The changelog allows you to see what is new in Zynk, any changes made to existing tasks, and any issues resolved. Click Next to continue.


  1. You can optionally change the install folder for Zynk using Browse, click Next to continue.


  1. If required you can choose to install the Amazon Vendor Central library and the Web Automation task. The Main Zynk application files and libraries is required. Click Next to continue.


  1. You can optionally change the folder name for the Start Menu, click Next to continue.


  1. The overview screen shows the options you have chosen and where Zynk will be installed to. If you are happy to proceed click Install. The next screen will show you the installation process, and may prompt for you to confirm if you are happy to download and install required files.


  1. Once complete you should see the final screen of the installer. From here you can choose to run Zynk on clicking Finish.


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