Zynk Workflow Documentation

This task will download a list of products from your Shopify store, and save them to an XML file.



The Shopify connection to use. See Connecting to Shopify if you require more information on how to create/manage connections.

Download All

Set this option to true to download all products, or set to false to only download new or modified products since the task was last ran.

Output File

The XML file to save the list of products to.


Set this option to ‘Any’ to download products regardless of their published status, or set this option to only download products which are either published or unpublished.

Zynk Settings

See Common Task Settings.


Sample output file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<products type="array">
    <body-html><p>So this is a product.</p>
<p>The text you see here is a Product Description. Every product has a price, a weight, a picture and a description.  To edit the description of this product or to create a new product you can go to the <a href="/admin/products">Products Tab</a> of the administration menu.</p>
<p>Once you have mastered the creation and editing of products you will want your products to show up on your Shopify site.  There is a two step process to do this.</p>
<p>First you need to add your products to a Collection.  A Collection is an easy way to group products together. If you go to the <a href="/admin/custom_collections">Collections Tab</a> of the administration menu you can begin creating collections and adding products to them.</p>
<p>Second you&#8217;ll need to create a link from your shop&#8217;s navigation menu to your Collections. You can do this by going to the <a href="/admin/links">Navigations Tab</a> of the administration menu and clicking on &#8220;Add a link&#8221;.</p>
<p>Good luck with your shop!</p></body-html>
    <created-at type="datetime">2012-08-15T10:56:05-04:00</created-at>
    <id type="integer">100040852</id>
    <published-at type="datetime" nil="true" />
    <template-suffix nil="true" />
    <title>Networked homogeneous methodology</title>
    <updated-at type="datetime">2012-09-06T11:47:54-04:00</updated-at>
    <tags>Demo, T-Shirt</tags>
    <variants type="array">
        <compare-at-price type="decimal" nil="true" />
        <created-at type="datetime">2012-08-15T10:56:05-04:00</created-at>
        <grams type="integer">0</grams>
        <id type="integer">232945606</id>
        <inventory-management nil="true" />
        <option2 nil="true" />
        <option3 nil="true" />
        <position type="integer">1</position>
        <price type="decimal">19.00</price>
        <product-id type="integer">100040852</product-id>
        <requires-shipping type="boolean">true</requires-shipping>
        <taxable type="boolean">true</taxable>
        <updated-at type="datetime">2012-08-15T10:56:05-04:00</updated-at>
        <inventory-quantity type="integer">1</inventory-quantity>
    <images type="array" />
    <options type="array">
        <id type="integer">119545988</id>
        <position type="integer">1</position>
        <product-id type="integer">100040852</product-id>

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