Zynk Workflow Documentation

This task will export records from the truth table (as seen on the ‘Data’ tab) to an XML file.

The truth table is used by Zynk to map the ID numbers of records imported using Zynk between two systems. The ‘Internal ID’ is usually the ID of the record in Sage, and the external ID is the ID of the matching record from an external system such as a website or e-commerce platform.

For more detailed information on the truth table please visit the Truth Database page.


Export Modified, New or All

Choose which records should be exported. The available options are: 

Output File

The XML file to output the truth records to.

Record Type

The type of records to export from the truth table. Defaults to ‘Contacts’.

Workflow ID

The ID of the workflow to export truth records for. You can view the ID of a workflow from the ‘Properties’ tab, under ‘Workflow Settings’. If left blank, the task will output truth records for the workflow it is on.

Zynk Settings

See Common Task Settings


Sample output file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <TruthRecord Type="Zynk.Connect.Objects.SalesOrder" InternalId="0000000156" ExternalId="5230" />
  <TruthRecord Type="Zynk.Connect.Objects.SalesOrder" InternalId="0000000157" ExternalId="5231" />
  <TruthRecord Type="Zynk.Connect.Objects.SalesOrder" InternalId="0000000158" ExternalId="5232" />
  <TruthRecord Type="Zynk.Connect.Objects.SalesOrder" InternalId="0000000160" ExternalId="5233" />

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