Zynk Workflow Documentation

This task will download contacts from Xero in XML format.



The Xero connection use when running this task.

Output File

The file to save results from this task. The results are returned as an array of the object as detailed in the example below.

Export All

Required Set to true to export all records, or false to only export records since the time shown in the Export From setting.

Export From

Required The rolling date to export modified records from. This will update automatically when the task runs. This setting only takes affect when Export All is set to false.


Specify criteria to filter the accounts on e.g. Type == "BANK" AND Name.Contains("Business")

Zynk Settings

See Common Task Settings


Sample output file showing a contact:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <Name>Zynk Software</Name>
    <BankAccountDetails />
    <Discount xsi:nil="true" />
    <ContactPersons />
        <City />
        <Region />
        <PostalCode />
        <Country />
        <AttentionTo />
        <AddressLine1>Flemming Business Centre</AddressLine1>
        <Region />
        <PostalCode>NE2 3AE</PostalCode>
        <Country />
        <AttentionTo />
        <PhoneNumber />
        <PhoneAreaCode />
        <PhoneCountryCode />
        <PhoneCountryCode />
        <PhoneNumber />
        <PhoneAreaCode />
        <PhoneCountryCode />
        <PhoneCountryCode />
        <Contacts />

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