Features and Benefits


  • Point and Click Integration - no programming required!
  • Workflow Designer lets you easily build your workflow via a simple point and click interface
  • My Workflows - shows your own library of processes you have automated for your business.
  • Task Library contains a list of individual tasks grouped by function that you use to build your Workflows giving you the capability to integrate to almost any system
  • Workflow Templates provide access to common pre-defined business processes that you can then use as the basis to build your own Workflows.
  • Powerful Templating based on Razor to allow you to create personalised Emails, Letters and other Documents.
  • Scripting based on Razor to allow you to take even more control of your Workflows.
  • Debugger to let you run your Workflow one step at a time.
  • Scheduler to allow you to run Workflows at any time of day or night
  • Variables Support for use in Templates or Tasks - Supports Global, Workflow, Task and Context variables
  • Windows Compatibiilty with Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and later
  • Full Support with access to Help files, Online resources and expert Technical Support by telephone or email.


  • Easy to use , No programming required.
  • Eliminates rekeying of Accounting, CRM or other data
  • Efficiency - make your business more efficient
  • Prevent Mistakes - eliminate human errors that cause expensive mistakes
  • Save Time and Money Save hours of Time and Money, the return on investment
  • Automation Acheive complete automation of your business IT processes
  • Improved Customer Service - Improve your customer service by providing more accurate information and providing it faster
  • Reliable and Accurate Zynk is reliable and based on 5 years of development


  • Accounting System and ERP Integration including supportSage 50 and Sage 200
  • CRM Systems integration including ConnectWise, Salesforce
  • ODBC Database integration with MySQL, Foxpro, DBase, Postgre SQL, Sybase, Vista DB and more*
  • OLEDB Database integration such as Access, Oracle, DB2, Visual Foxpro, Exchange, AS2, Lotus Notes and more*
  • SQL Server integrationwith Compact, Express, Workgroup, Standard and Enterprise editions
  • Cloud and SaaS Integration with Salesforce and Amazon Web Services
  • Downloading of Amazon Marketplace Orders
  • Uploading of Inventory to Amazon Marketplace
  • Automated Document Creation create PDF, HTML documents automatically from a spreadsheet, database, CRM or Accounting system
  • Data Backup - Zip files, Backup data online to S3 cloud storage or FTP servers
  • Ecommerce Integration - link your website to your accounting system or CRM
  • File management automate the management of files and folders
  • XML, CSV and Text document management, creation and parsing.
  • Microsoft Excelintegration to process Excel files and spreadsheets
  • Automated FTP integration automatically upload and download files
  • Email Marketing to send outbound emails or alerts to customers and prospects
  • Email Processing handle inbound emails and route or respond automatically
  • Web Site integration with Web sites, Ecommerce Sites, SOAP and REST based web services
  • Payment Gateways integrationwith PayPal and Secure Trading
  • Online Backup Servicessuch as Amazon S3, Dropbox
  • PDF filesCreation, Splitting and Merging of PDF documents
  • Report Creation - Automate your daily, weekly and monthly reporting
  • SMS Marketing via TxtLocal
  • Business Alerts via SMS or Email