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This article is an introduction to using the FileHelpers Module within Zynk, based on the Easy Example on the FileHelpers site.  Using a C# class you can read in data from a flat file format and convert to XML, which can then be used for further processing within Zynk Workflows e.g. with the XSLT Transform.

More information on this task can be found on the Basic Converter article.

Input File

Save the below to input.txt

10248|VINET|04071996|32.38 10249|TOMSP|05071996|11.61  
10250|HANAR|08071996|65.83 10251|VICTE|08071996|41.34

C# Class

Save the below to class.cs

public class Orders  
    public int OrderID; 	
    public string CustomerID; 	
    [FieldConverter(ConverterKind.Date, "ddMMyyyy")]    	
    public DateTime OrderDate;  	
    public decimal Freight; 

Zynk Settings

Create a new Workflow in Zynk, and drag on the Basic Converter task from the File Helpers folder.  Set the following settings on the task.

Convert Settings

Path to class.cs (ensure the data type is changed to File)

Error File


Input File

Path to input.txt

Output File


Output XML

After saving and running the Workflow, the output.xml file should contain the following XML representation of the data from the input file.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ArrayOfAnyType xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
	<anyType xsi:type="Orders">
	<anyType xsi:type="Orders">
	<anyType xsi:type="Orders">
	<anyType xsi:type="Orders">


If there are any errors during the convert they will be written out to the errors file if one is provided.  For example introducing an invalid character to the date column would cause the following output.

FileHelpers - Errors Saved at 13 February 2015 11:23:19 LineNumber | LineString |ErrorDescription 4|”10251|VICTE|0807Z1996|41.34”|In the field ‘OrderDate’: Line: 4. Column: 13. Field: OrderDate. Error Converting ‘0807Z1996’ to type: ‘DateTime’. There are more chars than in the format string: ‘ddMMyyyy’

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