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The FTP Repeater task will allow you to run a series of sub-tasks against all the files in the directory on the remote server.


FTP Connection

The FTP Connection to delete from. See the Connecting to an FTP Server article here if you require more information on how to create/manage connections.


Initial Directory to move to on FTP Server e.g. /webdata. It is important that you use the ‘Text or script’ data type instead of ‘Folder, HTTP or FTP location’ for this setting. This will prevent Zynk treating it as a relative path and converting it to an absolute path on the local file system.

List Recursively

Set to true to list files in sub-directories of the directory specified.

Search Pattern

The search pattern to use to filter the results returned. Supports both the * and ? wildcards. For example, *.xml will only list files with the .xml extension.

Zynk Settings

See Common Task Settings

Context Variables

The following variables are available to this task. To use these variables, reference them in templates as @Context.Current["Name"], or within other task settings using the Razor option.


You can find an example of how to use this task in the FTP to Sage 50 Integration article.

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