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This task will check whether an email address exists, and run a series of sub-tasks depending on the result. Sub-tasks can be added by dragging tasks from the Task Library and onto the If Email Exists task in the workflow.


Equal To

Set to True to run the sub-tasks if the email address exists, or set to false to run the sub-tasks if the email address does not exist.

Email Address To Contact SMTP Server As

When the option ‘Validate Against SMTP Server’ is enabled, you must provide an email address to connect to the target SMTP server.

Email Address To Validate

The email address or list of email addresses to be checked.

Strong Validation

Set to true to make the existence check return true only when the email address can be validated against the destination SMTP server.

Validate Against SMTP Server

Set to True to validate the address against the SMTP server, or set to false to only check that the format of the email address is valid.

Zynk Settings

See Common Task Settings


An article on the use of this task is available here.

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