Zynk Workflow Documentation

This task will check whether a mapping entry exists in Zynk’s mappings file, and run a series of sub-tasks depending on the result.

Fore more detailed information on mappings please visit the Mappings page.


Mapping Name

The name of the mapping entry you are checking.

Mapping Direction

Required The value in the mapping entry you want to check, either From or To.

Exact Match

Required Set to true you want to match your input exactly to the value in the mapping entry. Set to false and the task will check if the mapping entry value contains your input value.

Contains Match Direction

Required Choose MappingContainsValue to find the first match where the mapping contains the value, and ValueContainsMapping to find the first match where the mapping is found in the value.

Match Value

Required Your input value that will be checked in the mapping entry you have chosen.

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