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This task will update existing records or insert new records, based on whether the record already exists in Salesforce. Existing records are found based on a particular field of type External Id, as specified in the task’s settings. If there is no External Id field to use lookup existing records for the given object type, you can use the Importing Records to Salesforce (Bulk) task as an alternative. This task will only upsert a single record, if you have multiple records to upsert, you can use this task as a sub-task of an XML Repeater task, or use the Bulk Salesforce Operation task instead.



The Salesforce connection to use, see Connecting to Salesforce

Input File

The XML file containing the data to be inserted or updated. XML node names must match the Salesforce API field names. Custom fields are supported, are usually named like Account_Ref__c.

Key Field

The lookup field to used for existing records. Note this must be a custom field in Salesforce and marked as an External Id. e.g. Account_ref__c

Key Value

The value to lookup in the key field. This field supports variables and scripting. e.g. ABC001

Object Type

The name of the object to create e.g. Account

Output File

The file to save the response from Salesforce to.

Zynk Settings

See Common Task Settings


Sample input file, which will update the Name field and Balance__c custom field on the Account in Salesforce with Account_Ref__c = "INT001":

  <Name>Internetware Limited</Name>    

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