Zynk Workflow Documentation

Kashflow upload tasks will upload information based on the data you provide.



Required The Kashflow connection to use.

Fail File

Required The file that failed records will be written to.

Input File

Required The file containing the records you wish to import.

Success File

Required The file that successful records will be written to.


All import records are matched based on the Id field you provide in the XML, as demonstrated in each individual task article. In some cases, additional matching will be supported based on the data you provide and the data that is present in Kashflow. For example, customers can also be matched on code, email address and postcode.

Invoice Lines can be matched to their relevant Sub Product or Sales Code/Purchase Code by the Sku field.


All import tasks support updating records except the Upload Purchasestask as their is no suitable way to support this. Please note, that when updating Invoice information (on Upload Invoices and Upload Quotes) that existing item information is deleted and replaced with the data you import.

For more information on the Kashflow API, please visit here.

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