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This is a tutorial detailing the basic principles when dealing with an integration between Magento and Sage. This workflow will perform the standard tasks when considering this type of integration, which is the downloading orders in to Sage and then passing inventory levels back up to Magento.

There is a Workflow Template for both Sage 50 and Sage 200 integrations available here.

Download Sales Orders - Phase 1

This part of the process will download any new orders from Magento and then be taken through the standard process of importing them in to Sage and updating the order on the back end of the Magento site.

Downloading Orders from Magento

This task will download orders created/updated since the last time the task was run, from Magento in XML format. The results can be filtered if required. See attachments for sample file.

Auto Mapper - Magento Orders to Zynk Sales Orders

This task will transform the Magento orders in to the standard Zynk format so we can import it in to Sage.

Importing Sales Orders into Sage 50 UK

This task will Import your Sales Orders in to Sage and write out any failed or successful orders in to separate files.

Auto Mapper - Zynk Sales Orders to Update Magento Orders

This task will transform the Success File from the previous task in to the format we need to update the order in Magento.

Updating Orders in Magento

This task will assign any successfully imported orders in Magento to the status specified on the task settings.

Upload Inventory Levels - Phase 2

Exporting Stock Records from Sage 50 UK

This task will export Product information from Sage Sales ledger in Zynk XML format.

Auto Mapper - Zynk Stock Records to Magento Inventory

This task will transform our Zynk Stock Records format in to the standard Magento Inventory format to update the levels on the Magento site.

Uploading Inventory to Magento

This task will update stock data for the products in Magento.

Archive - Phase 3

This is the final task in the process, this will archive off any data in to a folder specified at the Task Settings level.

Archive Workflow Data

If you have any queries on any of the above, feel free to contact our support team via email at support@zynk.com or via telephone on 0191 303 7279. Please note, as stated on the Auto Mapper task we do not support any changes to XSLT.

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