Zynk Workflow Documentation

The Message Box task will display a Message Box on the screen with the value contained within the Input - be that a Text value, a Variable or a File. This is useful for debugging Workflows. The buttons displayed on the message box can be changed, and a series of sub-tasks can be added to this task and ran depending on which button was clicked.


Equal To

Set to true to run the sub-tasks if the user clicks OK/Yes, or false to run the sub-tasks when the user clicks Cancel/No.


The text to display at the top of the message box.

Default Answer

The answer that should be returned if Zynk is running in the background and cannot display the message box on screen.


The message to display in the message box.

Message Box Buttons

The buttons to display on the message box. The following options are available:

Zynk Settings

See Common Task Settings

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