Zynk Workflow Documentation

Import orders allows you to create new orders in ProSKU.

Any ProSKU fields not documented below are not supported with our uploads. 

Sample upload file for creating an order in ProSKU:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <carrier_code>Example Courier Company</carrier_code>
        <address_line_1>23, Address Line</address_line_1>
        <address_line_2>Address Line 2</address_line_2>
        <post_code>PO5 C0D</post_code>
          <country_name>United Kingdom</country_name>

Order Details

The below information shows the fields available when creating a pre receipt.

XML Field Example Field Type Input
Order_reference AddRef1 string Required
Marshalling_zone m1 string Optional
Order_date 10/07/2017 string/date Optional
Order_type Sales string Optional
Notes notes string   Optional
Delivery_name name string   Required
Company_name company_name string   Optional
Carrier_code Example Courier Company string   Optional
Service_code same_day string   Optional
Phone_number 07123456789 string   Optional
Email example@example.com string   Optional
Address_line_1 23, Address Line string   Optional
Address_line_2 Address Line 2 string   Optional
Address_line_3 Address Line 3 string   Optional
Address_line_4 Address Line 4 string   Optional
Post_code PO5 C0D string   Optional
Town Newcastle string   Optional
Delivery_date 11/07/2017 string/date   Optional
Delivery_time 20:00 string/date   Optional
Country_name United Kingdom string   Optional
Iso_2_code GB string   Optional
Iso_3_code GBR string   Optional

Product Details

The below information shows the fields available for specifying a product on the pre receipt.

XML Field Example Field Type Input
Product_code Phantom string Required
Quantity 5 integer Required
Stock_status Good string Optional
Rotation_date 10/07 string/date Optional
Batch 17 string Optional
Pallet_ref PAL001 string Optional

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