Zynk Workflow Documentation

Name Type   Length Precision   Notes  Example
UNIQUE_ID INTEGER 4 10 The unique identifier of this calendar event label (an internal number) 1
NAME VARCHAR 30 30 The name of the label, as shown to the user None
COLOR INTEGER 4 10 The colour in which we’ll display the event in the calendar 16777215
READ_ONLY SMALLINT 2 5 Should we prevent the user editing the name of this label? 1
RECORD_CREATE_DATE   16 0 Date and time when the record was created. 27/04/2010 17:16:58
RECORD_MODIFY_DATE   16 0 Date and time when the record was modified. 04/08/2017 14:18:54
RECORD_DELETED TINYINT 2 3 Flag denoting if the record has been deleted or not. 0

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