Zynk Workflow Documentation

Name Type   Length Precision   Notes  Example
RETURN_ID INTEGER 4 10 The unique ID of the CIS return to which this subcontractor’s payment details belong.  
SUPPLIER_REFN VARCHAR 8 8 The reference of the supplier to which these CIS return details apply.  
UNIQUE_TAX_REFERENCE VARCHAR 10 10 The UTR for the subcontractor under the Construction Industry Scheme  
TRADING_NAME VARCHAR 56 56 The trading name of the subcontractor  
FIRST_NAME VARCHAR 35 35 The first name or initial of the partner.  
MIDDLE_NAME VARCHAR 35 35 The middle name of the partner.  
LAST_NAME VARCHAR 35 35 The last name (surname) of the partner.  
COMPANY_REGISTRATION_NUMBER VARCHAR 8 8 The registration number of this subcontractor at Companies House.  
NATIONAL_INSURANCE_NUMBER VARCHAR 9 9 The partner’s national insurance number (NINO)  
VERIFICATION_REFERENCE_NUMBER VARCHAR 13 13 The reference number supplied by HMRC when this subcontractor was last verified.  
TOTAL_PAYMENTS_MADE DOUBLE 8 15 The total cost of payments made to this subcontractor in a given month.  
COST_OF_MATERIALS DOUBLE 8 15 The direct cost of materials used in dealings with this subcontractor in a given month.  
AMOUNT_DEDUCTED DOUBLE 8 15 The total amount of tax deducted from payments to the subcontractor during a single month.  
UNMATCHED_RATE SMALLINT 2 5 Is the subcontractor being paid at the unmatched rate at the end of the tax month?  
RECORD_CREATE_DATE   16 0 Date and time when the record was created.  
RECORD_MODIFY_DATE   16 0 Date and time when the record was modified.  
RECORD_DELETED TINYINT 2 3 Flag denoting if the record has been deleted or not.  

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