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The Import Goods Received Note task allows you to receive items on purchase orders already in Sage. Note that for an order / order item to be received it must be in the correct state in Sage - the order must not be fully received or fully cancelled, and at least part allocated. The quantity for the order item must not exceed the quantity allocated / ready to receive.

The status of the order in Sage will be updated depending on the current state, and result of the import. The status will either not be updated, updated to complete or updated to part received.

Any Sage fields not documented below are not supported with our imports. Examples of where in the XML the fields should appear are shown in the samples below.

Sage Field XML Field Example Field Type Field Length Input
N/A Id 123 int - Optional
A/C Reference AccountReference MCN001 string 8 Required
N/A Type GoodsReceivedNote string - Required
Order No. OrderNumber 38 int - Required
Supplier GRN Reference PROJ006 string 20 Required
GRN Date Date 2012-10-03T10:00:00 datetime - Required
Product Code Sku PC005 string 30 Required
Quantity Quantity 1.00 double - Required
Product Cost Price CostPrice 780.41 double - Optional

Sample import file for receiving an item on an order:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


Individual goods notes can be grouped together to form a single Goods Received Note in Sage, with multiple item lines. Consecutive goods notes in the XML will be grouped where the following fields contain the same value on each goods note:

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