Zynk Workflow Documentation

Name Type   Length Precision   Notes  Example
UNIQUE_ID INTEGER 4 10 The unique ID of this receipt  
RECEIPT_TYPE TINYINT 1 3 The type of VAT return receipt  
VAT_AMOUNT DOUBLE 8 15 The net vat amount contained in the receipt  
PERIOD_START DATE 2 10 The start of the vat return receipt acknowledged in the receipt  
PERIOD_END DATE 2 10 The end of the vat return period acknowledged in the receipt  
CURRENCY_SYMBOL VARCHAR 3 3 Confirmation of the currency used for the vat return  
DUE_DATE DATE 2 10 The date payment is due  
HMRC_REFERENCE VARCHAR 32 32 The vat declaration reference assigned to this vat return by HMRC  
RECEIPT_TIMESTAMP VARCHAR 30 30 The time the vat return was received by HMRC  
PAYMENT_DATE DATE 2 10 The date payment will be taken by HMRC, if a direct debit scheme is active  
DIRECTDEBIT_STATUS VARCHAR 63 63 The direct debit instruction status returned by HMRC  
NARRATIVE LONG VARCHAR 16 16 The narrative for this record  
EXTRAINFO LONG VARCHAR 16 16 The extra info for this record  
RECORD_CREATE_DATE   16 0 Date and time when the record was created.  
RECORD_MODIFY_DATE   16 0 Date and time when the record was modified.  
RECORD_DELETED TINYINT 2 3 Flag denoting if the record has been deleted or not.  

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