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Sugar CRM Field Lister Icon
The Sugar CRM Field Lister lists all modules and fields in your Sugar CRM system, including link fields (which aren’t visible through Studio).

If you enter a valid URL, Username and Password for Sugar CRM then you will be able to click the List Fields button and in the window below your results will appear.

For your convenience, you can also export the results to an XML file on your network for further use.

We created this tool so it was easier to create links between objects in Sugar CRM. For example, when trying to link one object to another and there are several potential fields that could be the link, you could run the tool and find the correct link field.



The URL to connect to your Sugar account (suffixed with /service/v4_1/soap.php).


The username for your Sugar CRM account.


The password to your Sugar CRM account.


Below is an example of the settings you need to configure and an example of the results you receive back from the extension.

If you have any further enquiries regarding the Sugar CRM Field Lister extension, please contact [email protected]

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