Technical Support

Before you contact our support team, please check the following:-
Software has has suddenly stopped working

  • Have you upgraded the Zynk software recently?
  • Have you upgraded your Accounting or CRM software?
  • Have you changed any Usernames or Passwords (Windows, Accounts, Website etc)
  • Have you changed or edited any settings in our software?
  • Has your Administrator changed your login details or password?
  • Has your web site been moved or have you changed hosting providers?
  • Have you logged any support issues with your Web developer?
  • Has your Web developer made any website changes recently
  • Have you received any orders from non-UK countries?

You cannot install the software

  • Do you have Administrator rights on the PC you are installing on?
  • Do you have permissions to install software
  • Check the download is not corrupt by re-downloading the software

Software has stopped running on a schedule

  • Check the schedule is still set up and not disabled click to Start > All programs > Accessories > System Tools > Task Scheduler
  • Check the user the software runs as changed passwords or permissions
  • Check the scheduled task is running from the program directory
  • Does the scheduler work normally? Add a simple scheduled task to start Notepad.exe
  • Check to see if the scheduler running under the wrong account
  • Check to see if our software requesting User input e.g. Login dialog box - check by running Zynk locally

Check the Download URL

  • Check the data can be downloaded by putting the URL used to by Zynk to download data into your Web browser (Use Internet explorer) and scroll to the end of the XML data document - if there are any errors then the XML data is mal-formed so it could be a script error.

If you are still experiencing problems see the Contacting Support section of this website.