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We have established a partnership with Deltek who produce the client management system TrafficLIVE, which allows design and web studios to run and manage jobs, produce quotes and bills, automatically integrating the associated billing information into Sage 50 UK.

We don’t manage the scripts that generate the data for this integration, this is done by Deltek. Any custom requirements (anything outside the detail of this article) will need to be raised with Deltek.

This integration will export invoices from TrafficLIVE and import them into Sage 50 UK as Sales Invoices. You can find a sample workflow and a sample file on our GitHub site.

Instructions on how to set up your TrafficLIVE system can be found  here, if you have any queries on this please contact the TrafficLIVE support team on 0800 880 3002.

Workflow Overview

The following sections provide an overview of the tasks used by the TrafficLIVE To Sage 50 UK Integration and explain each task’s function within the Workflow process.

Download Transactions - Phase 1

This part of the process will download and import your invoices from TrafficLIVE in to Sage 50 UK.

HTTP Task - Download Transactions

This task will download the transactions from TrafficLIVE and store them in an XML file.

Importing Transactions into Sage 50 UK

This task will import your TrafficLIVE in to Sage 50 UK as Sales Invoices.

HTTP Task - Notify Successful Transactions

This task will notify any successful transactions that have been imported from TrafficLIVE.

HTTP Task - Notify Failed Transactions

This task will notify any failed transactions that have not been imported from TrafficLIVE.

Archive - Phase 2

This part of the process will archive off any data used in the workflow.

Archive Workflow Data

Configuring the Workflow

The following points detail how to configure the  TrafficLIVE Workflow, this involves entering the TrafficLIVE details and configuring the Sage 50 UK connection to use.

If you have any queries on any of the above, feel free to contact our support team via email at support@zynk.com or via telephone on 0191 303 7279.

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