Zynk Workflow Documentation

This article will outline detailed information regarding the truth database that Zynk uses. Typically, this is stored in the default data directory (C:\ProgramData\Zynk Software\Zynk\2.0\Data), although if you have specified a bespoke data directory in Tools -> Options the database file will be located in that directory.

You can configure the archive of historical data in this database via your workflow. By default, this is set to retain the previous 90 days of workflow and application history.

Please note, if you lower this to save disk space and our support team cannot locate error logs it’s highly unlikely we will be able to support you.

You can interrogate your database using the free-to-use Zynk extension Zynk Log Manager (ZLM).



The connection table will store all of the connections you have set up within Zynk. For more information on creating an managing connectiong from Zynk please see here

The following fields are exposed in the connections table:


The truth table will maintain the integrity of data transitioned through Zynk. It is used mainly for duplicate prevention, although it can also be used for traceability purposes.

Each record with an identifier you pass through Zynk will be logged to this table.

The following fields are exposed in the truth table:

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