Zynk Workflow Documentation

To uninstall Zynk from your machine click on Start menu and choose All Programs > Zynk > Uninstall Zynk

The program will ask you to confirm “Are you sure you want to completely remove Zynk and all of its components”, if you choose Yes all Zynk program files and components will be removed from your system.

Once the uninstall is completed, you will see the message “Zynk was successfully removed from your computer”

Workflows and Data Files
Please note that any files that you created or downloaded after Zynk was installed such as Workflows or data files will NOT be removed by the installer, in order to remove any data files that were created after the install you can manually remove them by deleting the directory. This functionality is by design and is intended to prevent accidental removal of customer created files during the uninstall process.

On Windows XP or Windows 2000
Remove the directory C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Zynk Software\Zynk

On Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 2008 Server
Remove the directory C:\ProgramData\Zynk Software\Zynk

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