Zynk Workflow Documentation

This task will upsert (insert or update) customers to your Shopify store, using the customer data in an XML file. If no customer ID is provided for a customer in the input file, the task will insert a new customer into Shopify. If an ID is provided, the existing customer will be updated.



The Shopify connection to use. See Connecting to Shopify if you require more information on how to create/manage connections.

Fail File

The XML file to output any failed uploads to.

Input File

The XML file containing the new customers. They should be stored in the same format as the results returned by the Download Customers task.

Success File

The XML file to output successful uploads to.

Zynk Settings

See Common Task Settings.


A sample input file is shown below, showing two customers. The first is an example of updating an existing customer, and the second is an example of creating a new customer.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<customers type="array">
        <id type="integer">96430088</id>
        <accepts-marketing type="boolean">false</accepts-marketing>
        <addresses type="array">
                <address1>123 Oak St</address1>
                <zip>123 ABC</zip>

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