Zynk Workflow Documentation

This task will upsert (insert or update) various types of records to your Zoho CRM account. If the record in the input file contains an ID, the task will update the matching record in Zoho CRM, otherwise it will insert a new record.



The Zoho CRM Connection to use for deleting records. See the Connecting to Zoho CRM article if you require more information on how to create/manage connections.

Fail File

The XML file to output failed uploads to.

Input File

Specify the XML file to containing the records to upload. The records should be stored in the same format as the result of the ‘Download Records’ task.

Success File

The XML file to output successful uploads to.

Module Name

The type of record to be uploaded. The available options are:

Trigger Workflow Rules

Set to true to trigger workflows after inserting or updating a record in Zoho CRM.

Zynk Settings

See Common Task Settings


Sample input file, which will update the contact with ID 639175000000068003, and create a new contact:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <row no="1">
        <FL val="CONTACTID">639175000000068003</FL>
        <FL val="First Name">Scott</FL>
        <FL val="Last Name">James</FL>
        <FL val="Email">test2@test.com</FL>
        <FL val="Phone">999999999</FL>
        <FL val="Fax">99999999</FL>
        <FL val="Mobile">99989989</FL>
        <FL val="Assistant">John</FL>
    <row no="2">
        <FL val="First Name">John</FL>
        <FL val="Last Name">Smith</FL>
        <FL val="Email">john@example.com</FL>
        <FL val="Phone">123456789</FL>
        <FL val="Fax">123456789</FL>
        <FL val="Mobile">123456789</FL>
        <FL val="Assistant">Bill</FL>

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