Zynk Workflow Documentation

The XML Split task will allow you to separate out a large XML file into a set of smaller XML files. The following properties are available to configure the XML Split task


Input File

Use the following file: product_export.xml

Output Folder

Use the following file: Stock Export

Record Limit


XPath Query 

Use the following text or script: /Company/Products/Product

Typically, the XML Split task will be used in conjunction with a File Repeater task, which will loop over each of the smaller “chunked” files and perform some operation with each of the files in sequence.

A common use case that we come across is when integrating with websites which are running scripts expecting XML data via a HTTP POST. In some of these scenarios, when uploading data which grows over time (such as stock records), it is necessary to firstly limit the amount of data that will be contained within the files to be posted (using the XML Split task).

Our Website Script Based Integration article covers integrating with a simple website running integration scripts, and contains a sample workflow can be found on our GitHub site (which makes use of the XML Split and File Repeater tasks).

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