Who is Zynk for


Zynk can be used for virtually any business process and can prove invaluable to any area of your business. Below are some common scenarios where Zynk can be used for automation and integration.

Developers & IT Departments

  • Automate repetitive IT processes
  • Integrate data between systems
  • Migrate data between systems

Online Sellers

Key Features: Accounting & E-commerce Integration.

  • Download Web Orders from your Web shop into your Accounting Systems such as Sage 50, Sage 200, Xero and more.
  • Integration with Amazon Marketplace Orders can be downloaded into Databases or Accounting Systems.
  • Integration with Ebay.
  • PayPal Transactions can be downloaded directly into your Accounting System.
  • Secure Trading transactions can be downloaded into your Accounting System.
  • Product Publishing Information related to stock and inventory can be published automatically to your website.


Key Features: Automated Reporting, Data integration, Business Alerts.

  • Scheduled Reports - Get reports automatically sent to you Houry, Daily, Weekly, Monthly - Anytime via Email or Text Message.
  • Business Alerts - Big orders, Inventory running low, Key ratios sent via Email or Text Message.

Accountants & Credit Controllers

Key Feature: Automated credit control, Excel integration.

  • Debt chasing letters can automatically be sent via Email or created as PDF for printing and posting.
  • Scheduled reports can be sent to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Automatically pick up and process Excel files.

Sales and Marketing Managers

Key Feature: Accounting Integration.

  • Transfer Opportunities from your CRM system directly into Accounts as Invoices or Orders.
  • Customer Information such as Balances, Transaction History and Payment history can be published to your CRM system automatically.
  • Inventory and Pricing from Accounts available within your CRM.
  • Proposal Creation - have proposals automatically created, mail merged and sent out to customers.

Purchasing Managers and Buyers

Key Feature: Business Alerts and Reporting.

  • Receive automatic notifications when Purchase Orders are issued for approval
  • Business alerts when stock levels are running too low or too high