Zynk Workflow Documentation

The task list consists of a series of individual tasks that together form the integration’s process. Refer to the instructions below for instructions on how to manipulate the task list in a workflow.

Adding a Task

  1. Open the ‘Tasks’ tab on the left side of the application. Note that the ‘Tasks’ tab is disabled or greyed out when you don’t have a workflow open. You will either need to open an existing workflow, or Creating New Workflows.
  2. Choose a task from the ‘Tasks’ tab and either double click the task or drag and drop the task into the task list in the workflow editor pane.

Note: The Task Library is only available to customers using a full Zynk license, the Zynk Runtime license does not provide access to the Task Library.

Removing a Task

  1. Select the task to be removed from the workflow.
  2. Click on Delete Task button on the toolbar in the workflow editor pane.
  3. Zynk will ask you to confirm you want to remove the task. Click ‘Yes’ to confirm.

Note that once a task has been removed from a Workflow it cannot be undone.

Disabling a Task

To disable a Task click on the check box next to the tasks name in the Workflow editor pane. This will prevent the task from running, without removing it from the workflow.

Cloning a Task

To clone a task, select the Task from the Workflow editor pane and click on the Copy Task button in the toolbar, this will create an exact copy of the Task including all of the Task settings.

Drag and Drop a Task

The basic sequence involved in drag-and-drop is:

  1. Press, and hold down, the left button on the mouse, to “grab” the Task from the Task Library
  2. Drag the object/cursor to the Tasks workflow pane
  3. Drop the object onto the Tasks workflow pane by releasing the button.

Changing the Order of Tasks

To change the order of a task, select the task you want to move and click on the Move Up or Move Down buttons on the Workflow editor toolbar.

Note you cannot move a task into a repeater, a task must be dragged and dropped onto a repeater.

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