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The XML Repeater task can be used to loop through an XML file and call a number of sub-tasks with the results from each row of data that was specified. For e.g. providing Company/Customers/Customer as the XPath Query would loop through all Customer records within the XML file.


Input File

The XML file to be processed.

XPath Query

Enter an XPath query that specifies the rows of data to repeat over e.g. Company/Products/Product

Zynk Settings

See Common Task Settings

Context Variables

The value of each node and attribute in the XML is available to each sub-task as a variable. To use these variables, reference them in templates as @Context.Current["NodeName"], or within other task settings using the Razor option. Using the following XML sample, and an XPath of Company/Customers/Customer, you will be able to access all top level nodes from the customer node using @Context.Current["AccountReference"].

Node Name Razor Code Data
AccountReference @Context.Current[“AccountReference”] A1D001
CompanyName @Context.Current[“CompanyName”] A1 Design Services
Balance @Context.Current[“Balance”] 0

Note, we do not currently support reading child nodes, in this example you will not be able to access the Forename from CustomerInvoiceAddress. If you need to access child nodes you can use @Context.Object to get access to the current XmlNode, e.g. @Context.Object.SelectSingleNode("CustomerInvoiceAddress/Forename").InnerText.

Node Name Razor Code Data
Forename @Context.Object.SelectSingleNode(“CustomerInvoiceAddress/Forename”).InnerText Jim
Surname @Context.Object.SelectSingleNode(“CustomerInvoiceAddress/Surname”).InnerText Thomas
Company @Context.Object.SelectSingleNode(“CustomerInvoiceAddress/Company”).InnerText A1 Design Services
Address1 @Context.Object.SelectSingleNode(“CustomerInvoiceAddress/Address1”).InnerText 67a Station Road
Address2 @Context.Object.SelectSingleNode(“CustomerInvoiceAddress/Address2 “).InnerText  
Town @Context.Object.SelectSingleNode(“CustomerInvoiceAddress/Town”).InnerText Blackpool
Postcode @Context.Object.SelectSingleNode(“CustomerInvoiceAddress/Postcode”).InnerText BP12 7HT
County @Context.Object.SelectSingleNode(“CustomerInvoiceAddress/County”).InnerText Lancashire
Country @Context.Object.SelectSingleNode(“CustomerInvoiceAddress/Country”).InnerText GB
<?xml version="1.0"?>
      <CompanyName>A1 Design Services</CompanyName>
        <Company>A1 Design Services</Company>
        <Address1>67a Station Road</Address1>
        <Address2 />
        <Postcode>BP12 7HT</Postcode>
      <CompanyName>Bobs Building Supplies</CompanyName>
        <Company>Bobs Building Supplies</Company>
        <Address1>Timber Yard</Address1>
        <Address2>123 Prescot Way</Address2>
        <Postcode>AL12 6GH</Postcode>


For usage of the XML Repeater task please see our XML / XSLT Examples tutorial.

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