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You can use the XSLT Builder extension to configure and run XSLT files.

You can populate the XML window (top left pane) with your input format, the XSLT window (top right pane) with your mapping, the parameters window (bottom left pane) with any mapping parameters you require and the bottom pane will show your results, or any errors that occur when running the transform.

We created this tool for speed purposes - as the output appears in the main window immediately and doesn’t require you to check the output manually via a file through explorer - it is much quicker to develop an XSLT mapping using this extension.

Upon opening the XSLT Builder application, there is already an example XML file, an example XSLT and example parameters configured so it’s easy to see how to use the extension.


XML File

The XML file you are looking to transform using XSLT builder.


The XSLT File you are going to use to transform your XML file.


Required If your XSLT has undefined parameters you can configure them using this setting.


Below is an example on how to use the XSLT Builder. Firstly, either load in or create a valid XML file and a valid XSLT file. Then click ‘Transform’ or hit F5 to transform the XML document.

If you have any further enquiries regarding the XSLT Builder extension, please contact [email protected]

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