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You can use the Zip Search program to find files that contain an Input or search term, like an order reference, or a customer account ID.

Zip Search searches the contents of files in zip archives, like those created by the Archive Workflow Data Task.

Zip Search was developed by Zynk, to quickly locate archived information, like

Zip Search can be installed via Zynk’s Extensions Manager


Workflow / Custom Directory

Choose the Workflow directory containing your archives, from the dropdown list. Alternatively Select the ‘Use manual directory’ option to paste the folder path directory


Enter the Input you’d like to search for in your .zip files. Specify multiple values by comma separating. E.g, ‘OK,YES,NO’.


Required Enable to search in sub-folders.

Use Date Filter

Required Filter your results by date. If enabled, you also need to configure the following date-time settings:


Optional Exclude values from results by selecting an operator (Equals, Contains, StartsWith and EndsWith) and entering a value to Exclude. Click Add to add an Exclude filter.


Below is an example of using the ‘Workflow’ option using Zip Search. After clicking ‘Search’ after specifying the workflow archives I’m targeting and the input I’m looking for, you’ll see the results list box populate with all .zip files containing the input.

Below is an example of using the ‘Custom Directory’ option.

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