Zynk Version 2 What's New?

New features and developments We’ve just released version 2.0 of Zynk with new features and connectors, and in the coming months we have some developments we want to share with you.

Connectors We have released a series of new connectors for 2.0 listed below…

Connection Manager In Zynk you will now have access to the connection manager which will allow you to easily manage and re-use connection details across workflows.

  • Easier management - you will now have a single place to manage the connections to your systems e.g. database logins, FTP details and Sage 50 usernames and passwords. If you need to update your details you will only need to change them once and all workflows will be updated.
  • Multiple connections - as the details are no longer stored within the workflow you can now connect to multiple end points within the same workflow, for example download from multiple eBay stores in one workflow.

Connection Manager

SQL Query Designer The new SQL query designer will allow you to visually build complex queries from most OLEBD and ODBC data sources in an easy to use and intuitive interface.

  • Visual Queries - Microsoft Access style user-friendly interface supporting grouping and sorting, as well as more advanced features such as DISTINCT, TOP and LIMIT. You can also build complex union and sub-queries each with their own working area.
  • Two-Way Editing - you can quickly switch between the visual editor and direct SQL text editing to allow novice users learn SQL while advanced users get more control when writing queries.

SQL Query Builder

User Interface Improvements In addition to the major features we have also introduced a number of user interface changes which include:-

  • Brand new start page
  • Search and filtering in task library
  • New icons
  • Additional support for standard windows shortcuts
  • Additional context sensitive menus
  • Context sensitive search on help
  • Updated Zynk object editor

If you have any questions on the above, please email