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This task will provide a list of updated orders in XML format from a specified Amazon MWS account.

Amazon Settings

API Call Delay

Specify the delay in milliseconds to use between calls to Amazon. Amazon throttle requests to their services, so if sending a large data set you may need to increase this limit.


Choose at least one marketplace to send the XML feed to. For information about how Amazon handles feeds sent to multiple marketplaces, see Using Multiple Marketplaces.


The Amazon Marketplace Connection to use. See the Connecting to Amazon Marketplace article if you require more information on how to create/manage connections.

Export Settings

Export Date

The initial date to download orders from. Any orders placed before this date will not download, even if they are updated. This can be used to prevent orders which have already been handled manually from being downloaded.

Export From

The rolling datse to download updated orders from per channel. This will automatically update each time the task runs. TIP: If you want to re-download old orders, change the Download From property

Export To > Download To Date

Download records up to this date, required if ‘Download to Enabled’ is enabled.

Export To > Download To Enabled

Set to true to only download records up to a certain date, if disabled will download records up to the current date.

Fulfilment Channel

The fulfilment channel of orders to download from Amazon. Choose whether to download orders fulfilled by Amazon (AFN), not fulfilled by Amazon (MFN) or all (All). Defaults to all fulfilment channels.

Order ID

Optionally provide a specific order id to export singularly.

Order Status

The status of when you want to download the order from Amazon. Choose from Pending, Unshipped, PartiallyShipped, Shipped, Cancelled or Unfulfillable.

Output File

The name of the file to export the downloaded orders to.

Zynk Settings

See Common Task Settings.


You can find an example of how to use this task in the Amazon to Sage Integration article.

Sample output file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	<Order AmazonOrderId="012-0123456-0123456" SellerOrderId="" MarketplaceId="A1F83G8C2ARO7P" BuyerEmail="[email protected]" BuyerName="John Smith" OrderType="StandardOrder" OrderStatus="Shipped" FulfillmentChannel="MFN" SalesChannel="Amazon.co.uk" OrderChannel="" ShipServiceLevel="Std UK Dom_1" ShipmentServiceLevelCategory="Standard" ShippedByAmazonTFM="False" CbaDisplayableShippingLabel="" TFMShipmentStatus="" PurchaseDate="01/04/2019 21:02:28" LastUpdateDate="02/04/2019 08:38:45" EarliestShipDate="02/04/2019 00:00:00" LatestShipDate="02/04/2019 23:59:59" EarliestDeliveryDate="04/04/2019 00:00:00" LatestDeliveryDate="05/04/2019 23:59:59" NumberOfItemsShipped="1" NumberOfItemsUnshipped="0" PaymentMethod="Other">
		<ShippingAddress Name="Zynk Software" AddressLine1="Nelson House" AddressLine2="Fleming Business Centre" AddressLine3="Jesmond" City="Newcastle" County="" District="" StateOrRegion="England" PostalCode="NE2 3AE" CountryCode="GB" Phone="0845 123 2920" />
		<OrderTotal CurrencyCode="GBP" Amount="10.29" />
			<OrderItem OrderItemId="12302045414568" ASIN="B00272N8Q2" SellerSKU="PROD001" Title="Test Product" QuantityOrdered="1" QuantityShipped="0" GiftMessageText="">
				<ItemPrice CurrencyCode="GBP" Amount="6.34" />
				<ShippingPrice CurrencyCode="GBP" Amount="3.95" />
				<GiftWrapPrice CurrencyCode="GBP" Amount="0.00" />
				<ItemTax CurrencyCode="GBP" Amount="0.00" />
				<ShippingTax CurrencyCode="GBP" Amount="0.00" />
				<GiftWrapTax CurrencyCode="GBP" Amount="0.00" />
				<ShippingDiscount CurrencyCode="GBP" Amount="0.00" />
				<PromotionDiscount CurrencyCode="GBP" Amount="0.00" />
				<PromotionIds />

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