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Based on your feedback we’ve updated the documentation site template and added a new responsive layout which means you can now read the documentation on your mobile and tablet.

We’ve also introduced a much needed Search facility that lets you search the entire Zynk Workflow documentation site.

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What is Zynk Workflow?

Zynk is a business automation and integration platform that can be configured to automate virtually any business process, either manually when required or set on a trigger based schedule.  Zynk ships with a wide range of connectors covering everything from accounting products, CRM systems and Ecommerce platforms to various storage providers and data conversion tasks.  Each connector provides a number of tasks that can be used to import, export and transform data as required.

What can Zynk do?

Zynk can handle almost any data type and manipulate it as required. Zynk can push or pull data from different databases and systems including your Accounting or CRM system. Zynk has modules and tasks for handling the following data types and sources:-

Text Messaging Automation

Zynk can send out marketing or other messages via SMS Text Message to customers or prospects informing them of special offers or for delivery of goods when despatch notes are created.

Automate Email Processing

Zynk can accept incoming emails from an email address (requires POP3 access) and store attachments, add the email to a database and even send an auto-responder back to the person making the enquiry allowing you to automate any inbound emails.

Zynk can also send emails; for example a spreadsheet containing a list of customers can be processed and each customer can be sent a daily inventory and price list

Data Transformation and Document Creation

Zynk can transform data in a number of different ways for use with other tasks or for publishing documents in a specific format such as

Once a workflow is created it can be run on demand when needed or scheduled to run on a regular basis using Windows scheduler.

Business Alerts

Zynk can be configured to check stock levels and report on any inventory items falling below re-order level and send an update via Email or SMS. Zynk could go one step futher and generate an email or purchase order in your accounting system to your supplier to re-order the items that are below re-order level.

Business Intelligence

Zynk can extract information from many different data sources around your business to create a business dashboard which is then available to anyone in your organisation.

Generate Reports automatically or at specific times

Zynk can be configured to extract information from your database, accounting or CRM system and send that information to you on a regular basis by email or even by publishing the information to an public website or private intranet.

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