Zynk Workflow Documentation

The SugarCRM Connector provides authentication, read (query) and upsert (insert or update) functionality against any SugarCRM module including Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities. All data is transferred using the SugarCRM web service. It supports both standard and custom modules, and both standard and custom fields.

Please note that Zynk supports SugarCRM version 6.4.1 and above. Earlier versions are not supported.

Each of the tasks require a connection to SugarCRM, for more information on setting up and managing connections see the pageĀ Connecting to SugarCRM.


Articles and Sample Files

There is a workflow template and article available on the links below:

Available Modules

The following standard modules are available via the Sugar API and can be used with the above tasks. Custom modules are also supported, in addition to the modules listed here:

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